The L'Oreal Miss Candy collection which is currently available via most L'Oreal stockists
has one of the most extensive nail polish launches I have seen in a long while.
It features a whooping ten shades in total you are completely spoilt for choice - ranging from
cool toned pastels to hot bright oranges and pinks.
With their small price point most will be able to afford a few new additions to add to their stash.

I was going to split the remaining nail shades into colour families - blues and pinks
but I don't want to clog up your dashboards with countless posts on nail polishes
so for your enjoyment here is the final five shades I have in my possession!

601 French Rivera - This is an extremely pale milky blue that has a slight shimmer effect.
This shade is fairly transparent so it does require a good few shades to gain opaque coverage.

616 Innocent Green - The shade name for this polish is a little misleading as it is more of a teal
than a true green due to the strong blue undertone.
This shade only required two coats for opaque coverage.

101 Opera Ballerina - A pale milky pink, I'd go as far as saying this a white tone with a hint of pink.
For full coverage you will need at least three coats, this type of shade always reminds me of the Kardashians,
no idea why in truthfulness!

202 Marie Antoinette - This is a mid toned clean pink polish that is pretty much bog standard as far as shades go, it is one of those shades that most cosmetic lines carry
so you will more than likely have something very similar in your stash.
This is very much a three coat type of shade.

213 Sassy Pink - For me this is the stand out shade from the entire collection,
this is a bright creme pink that somehow appears brighter on the nails than it does in the bottle.
Two coats is all this shade needed to become opaque.

As with all the items in the Miss Candy Collection the above polishes are available from most L'Oreal stockists