This is the second instalment of the Miss Candy Glam Shine Lip Glosses
this time I have the pink shades in the range to share - who doesn't love a little pink every now and then?
Truthfully I prefer this set more than I do the pastels which I show cased earlier but each to their own.

The packaging is the same as the glosses in the regular Glam Shine range, small easy to grip bottles
that have golden accents and the L'Oreal's unique heart shaped wand that is basically a spin on
a typical doe foot applicator only the foot is wider, flexible and as it is heart shaped it holds product
better than a doe foot applicator, as far as non brush lip gloss wands go this is the way forward.

The formula of the Glam Shine lip glosses in the Miss Candy range are fairly thick
but easy enough to apply without being overly sticky or uncomfortable to wear.
They sit well on the lips and don't highlight dry patches or fine lines,
I found them to be fairly hydrating and a great addition to a matte lip shade that lacks moisture.
Truthfully l have to say that the three below that I have reviewed are not massively pigmented
but they are not marketed in such light so I don't really feel disappointed but worth pointing out none the less.
They are great for a subtle hint of colour or shimmer and work well over other lip shades.
In terms of wear I found them to last around the two hour mark on average
but as with most gloss type products they will wear off if eating/drinking.

As mentioned there is six shades in the Miss Candy Glam Shine Lip Gloss range
here is the three more pink based shades:

701 Bubble Pink - This is the prettiest shade out of all 6 shade options if you ask me.
This is a duo of pink and orange swirls that combine to form a crème pink based shade
that has a hint of orange...almost coral but not quite.

703 Tart Lollipop - I see this as the older sister to Bubble Pink, the same colour palette - pink and orange
only the shades are deeper and feature some shimmer particles, which are not gritty should wondering minds
wonder ;)

710 Pink Treat - A golden toned duo of a deep peach and a light pink, the golden tone is dominate out of the two shades but it helps to create a really pretty shell pink shade when combined.

L'Oreal Miss Candy Glam Shine Lip Glosses are available now from selected L'Oreal retailers
such as Superdrug and Boots for £7.65/6ml.