Are you jetting off to anywhere nice this summer?
Perhaps you are staying at home this summer but have a nice weekend booked up
or you stay over a lot at someone elses house?

If any of those things are planned then let me introduce you to Ickle Bockles.

Ickle Bockles is a website full of travel essentials from travel friendly pre filled bottles of toiletries,
travel bottles that can be filled with your own favourite products to travel adapters and first aid kits.

Basically for travel essentials it is your one stop shop!

I was sent a selection of travel bottles and travel sized toiletries to share and share I shall.

Travel Bottles (prices start from £1.15 - link)
Each plastic bottle arrives empty so that you can fill with your favourite products  ready for taking away.
They are sturdy, with large white labels which you can write on should you wish (just to remind you
what you have filled said bottle with, great if two of your products happen to look very similar)
and come in a variety of styles from screw on lids, pumps, sprays and flip tops.

Each bottle also complies with current EU carry-on rules 
(liquids, gels and pastes cannot exceed 100ml each)
so you can pop these in your carry on bag leaving room in your case for an extra dress or five!

Travel Toiletries/Essentials (prices from £1.95 - link)
So your only spending the weekend at your boyfriend or girlfriends but dislike stealing their toiletries
(lynx shower gel is not shampoo regardless of what he or the label says!) and you don't want to lug
full sized bottles of product around or perhaps you are going away for three/four days and again only
need the bare essentials this is where these little minis come in handy. 
Not only is each product sized to comply with the EU carry- on rules but the product inside is top quality.

I have tested the shampoo and conditioner for dry hair and found it to be soothing due to the Lavender
and the conditioner is a great thick product that moisturised without over loading the hair.
I was also sent the Chocolate shower gel/bath foam which I have to admit worked well 
but the scent was not for me but if you are a chocolate lover it is one to check out.
The mini toothpastes are the cutest thing ever but such a great idea for travel,
the lip balm has a lovely tropical scent and is great for keeping in your pocket for on the go moisture!

If you are off anywhere nice and need some travel essentials then check out Ickle Bockles - link

This post contains PR samples.