I'm sure most know the purpose of using a facial toner, if not don't fret we can't know it all!
Basically a toner is the last step of the cleansing process to ensure every little scrap of dirt
and make-up has been removed from the face and neck but you can also decant a little
to use as a refreshing facial mist throughout the day as toner is a product that you do not rinse off.

I don't look for much in toning products...okay that is a little white lie
but as long as they work as a mild cleansing type product, cool the skin
and do not cause my skin to break out then I am a happy chappy!

Oh and if they are nicely scented that is also a bonus.

Recently I have been using Fair Naturally Cotton and Cucumber Facial Toner
which does all it claims to : cleanses, tones and refreshes the skin and is also quite cooling.

It is light, non greasy and works well decanted as facial spray but I do recommend watering down a little.
 Fair Naturally Cotton and Cucumber Facial Toner also claims to tighten the pores,
personally I can't say I have noticed over the last 3 weeks of this effect but perhaps it does so
without actually leaving the skin feeling tight and uncomfortable.

Scent wise...okay don't laugh but it smells more like Johnson's Baby Bath than Cucumber
not that is a criticism as I personally really enjoy such fragrance, while we are on the topic of scents
this is delicate and does not irritate my sensitive skin!

Also I'd like to mention that a good percentage of the ingredients of Fair Naturally Cotton 
and Cucumber Facial Toner are sourced complying to Fair Trade standards nor are they tested on animals.

Fair Naturally Cotton and Cucumber Facial Toner 100ml/£3.91 - link

This post contains a PR sample.