Around this time of the year most of us like to look a little more bronzed than usual
and I for one seem to reach for bronzer more than blush as it seems more seasonally fitting.
Clinique have just launched a wonderful new bronzer called Clinique Superbalanced Powder Bronzer
which for a limited time only comes presented with a cute bright floral pouch to store it in,
the pouch reminds of the packaging for Clinique Happy in Bloom Perfume (I love that scent).

I will say that packaging is a little bulky but pretty much light weight so although it is not exactly small
it will not weigh your bag down and it has a great sized mirror housed inside.
The coolest thing about this bronzer is that it has a grinder so you can control just how much product
you dispense each time and never have waste or spillage like you do with traditional loose powders.
If you are unfamiliar with this type of product it is basically a hard block of solid powder that is shaved
so to speak by a grinder that works by twisting the mechanism around the block in a clockwise direction.
You need not worry about blades etc as it is perfectly safe and all sharp edges are contained on the inside
so should a little one gets their hands on this no damage to them will be done...the product well that is
another story haha!

"Bronzing powder with a smart advantage: Long-wear formula helps absorb oil, maintain skin's moisture balance so skin looks healthy, lit with a subtle radiance. 
Mineral and antioxidant-rich bronzer transforms from pressed to loose powder at the turn of a dial. Lightweight, oil-free."

Clinique Superbalanced Powder Bronzer comes in two colour options Bronzed 1 and Bronzed 2,
I have Bronzed 1 which is a medium matte bronze shade that has a golden almost olive undertone,
I guess if we are going to compare it to anything it would be Benefit Hoola Powder but I would say this
is a smidgen lighter and not quite as green/olive based which should be helpful for those who found Hoola 
to be a little muddy looking on their complexions.

As it is a matte bronzer you can not only use it to warm up your complexion but also to sculpt
as a contour shade, I have tested both shades in this collection and will say that they run deep
in tone. Shade 1 will suit most light to medium tones and Bronze 2 is best suited to the deeper medium
skin tones all the way up to dark skin tones, I wear Mac NC37 and Bronze 1 has enough depth for me.
both as a light bronzer and as a contour product.

As earlier mentioned this is a grinder type product - solid to loose powder that you shave in a sense
and although I am not a fan of loose powders I didn't feel as over whelmed with this product
as you can control just how much product you dispense per application.
Clinique Superbalanced Powder Bronzer is soft, well pigmented and feels light weight on the skin,
it has a weightless sensation/texture and allows your skin to breathe.
It was easy to apply ( I used a large fluffy face brush) and blended very easily so there was no strong
tan lines evident, I also found it to help control the oily areas of my face (mainly the t-zone)without the need for a separate facial powder which is always a bonus in my book.
In terms of wear I found this to last for around 8 hours maybe more 
as it showed no signs of wear at that point but I did have to take it off to go to bed haha!

Product Summary
Round Up - A solid to loose powder bronzer that comes in two shades.
Best For - Most skin tones as it can be used as a contour or an all over bronzer.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Will be deeper on skin tones lighter than myself.
Availability - All Clinique counters and Clinique's web store - link £25/13.5g
the pouch is limited edition and while stocks last.