Mega cringe at the title of this post but it was the best I could rustle up!

Recently I was contacted by and asked if I would like to create a bespoke silver piece of jewellery for myself and as there was a good few pretty fonts to play around with I said yes.
I decided to use my blog's name for this piece as I already own a gold name necklace and my reasoning being that with a blog name necklace I would have no need for a name badge at events!

My necklace arrived it a cute little box within a week of ordering it and I have to say that the real item 
is much prettier than the samples on the website, it is gloriously shiny and the perfect size of pendant - large enough that you can read the font but not overly so that it looses it's daintiness.

The only grumble that I have is with the ordering process, the company has the whole of the UK as England and there is not Scotland, Wales or Ireland option which is a little annoying and may present difficulties in terms of delivery, other than that all round it is a great site with some lovely bespoke jewellery to be had.

I know a good few beauty/fashion bloggers now have name necklaces displaying their blogs in a more unconventional way, what are your thoughts?

My necklace is this model - link and costs £58.00