Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blogging Bling?

Mega cringe at the title of this post but it was the best I could rustle up!

Recently I was contacted by and asked if I would like to create a bespoke silver piece of jewellery for myself and as there was a good few pretty fonts to play around with I said yes.
I decided to use my blog's name for this piece as I already own a gold name necklace and my reasoning being that with a blog name necklace I would have no need for a name badge at events!

My necklace arrived it a cute little box within a week of ordering it and I have to say that the real item 
is much prettier than the samples on the website, it is gloriously shiny and the perfect size of pendant - large enough that you can read the font but not overly so that it looses it's daintiness.

The only grumble that I have is with the ordering process, the company has the whole of the UK as England and there is not Scotland, Wales or Ireland option which is a little annoying and may present difficulties in terms of delivery, other than that all round it is a great site with some lovely bespoke jewellery to be had.

I know a good few beauty/fashion bloggers now have name necklaces displaying their blogs in a more unconventional way, what are your thoughts?

My necklace is this model - link and costs £58.00

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  1. It's gorgeous A! Lovely choice of font. I used to have a ring with my name that my Aunt bought on my trip to NY, would have put BA to shame but it was taken when the house was broken in to. Feckers. Seriously tempted by some blogging bling mahself! x

    1. That bloody sucks...feckers indeed! Oh you should and theme it with cherries ( me and my themes eh ;))

  2. This necklace is gorgeous! Love the font and hearts on it and that it is your blog name :) x

  3. How cute!!! it looks very good quality and with a researched package.
    Yes, it would be fun, during a blogger event, recognizing other bloggers thanks to name necklaces ahaha
    It would help girl with short memory like me. I went to my first event and... well I had a confirmation of my problem XD
    Have a great week end!!!

    1. It's super cute isn't it :) thank you and you too!

  4. Hi! It looks super classy and cute! :) Happy for you! <3
    Do they ship internationally?


  5. It's really cute! :D THese name necklaces have been quite popular for a couple of years already around here, but I've never really wanted one. Looking at yours, though, is definitely making me think twice about gettting one. I mean, the whole thing is so pretty! (And yes, it beats using a name card at events, haha!)

  6. Super cool idea but it's a little pricey! xx

  7. Pretty, I love name necklaces but don't own any et. Great idea for having a blog name necklace for events and such!

  8. This is adorable!!I love it, I was thinking about getting a similar thing done from a shop on etsy, but this turned out great. Cute post!

  9. super cute!!!!! i'd love to rock a "SocialiteDreams" necklace, uber cool

  10. this actually looks lovely. these sort of things usually aren't for me, but could actually see me getting use out of it!

  11. Aww! That's s such a cute idea!!


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