The sun is shining so in my world that means less make-up,
as I have a week off i'm really going to try and let my skin breathe
and forgo using any make up through out the day...we'll see how it goes but that is the plan.

Anyway I just wanted to take time out to say thank you for all the comments as of late
I really appreciate them and although my commenting back system is a bit wack-a-doodle
at the moment I am going to sit down tonight and reply to them all :)

So thank you and on with my choices and for another week there will be no eye make up changes!


Mac Pink Blush Palette
I'm going to whip out my pink Mac Blush palette and try to use some pink shades
instead of my usual coral hues, pink shades do work well after all the sun bathing and what not
so now is the prefect chance to put them to good use!

Benefit Hoola
This is what I'm going to use hopefully instead of a full base
but if that fails I'll just apply it as a contour or use it on the apple of my cheeks
for a little bronze pop of colour.


Nars Schiap Lipstick
Everyone rants and raves about Mac Candy Yum Yum
but for me Nars Schiap is the best neon pink lipstick available!
I always get so many compliments when I wear it and it's one of those shades
that stays put all day with ease, it is a little drying though!

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Lovely Honey
This is pretty sheer in colour which is not to everyone's taste but it is fab for gal's
like myslef who don't have pigmented lips and just want a light wash of colour to look polished.
A great formula for summer weather!

Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss in Tickled Pink
This is one of my favourite lip shades in the world,
I have worn this on and off since I was in high school, I love the coverage it provides
and surprisingly it is not too sticky!
If you are tanned and blonde you need this in your life.

Versace Lipstick
I actually bought this on holiday a few years ago...last day of holiday and you have euro's left syndrome.
I no longer have the box or can recall the shade name but it is a really weird purple pink shade
a little like Mac Bubblegum crossed with Mac Lavender Whip...pretty cool in concept
but not all that faltering on, i'm going to layer it with Tickled Pink above and see how I get on.

Purity's Anti Ageing Serum/Mask
After sun bathing I like a treat for my skin so I'm going to try Purity's Anti Ageing Serum/Mask
and see if that does the trick, i'm thinking perhaps keeping it in the fridge would be a good call?

So that is this weeks picks.
I hope you are all enjoying the sun and staying safe...slap on the SPF people!!!