Waterproof liners are popping up everywhere at the moment 
and for this time of the year they are indeed  just what the doctor ordered,
wither it be due to the heat or if you plan on going on holiday to a warmer destination
which may include the odd dip or two a waterproof eye liner should be part of your summer make-up kit!
Newest to add a waterproof liner to their line is Barry M and what beauties they are!!

The packaging is not much to behold, a simple slim line liner which is black with accents of the shade
contained inside in this case a deep blue shade, they remind me very much of Sleek Make-Up's 
Eau La La liners in terms of packaging but that is not anything to be negative about.
They sharpen and as they are more of a plastic that typical wooden pencil they sharpen
fairly smoothly but it would be great to see more brands implement twist up liners.

Bold Blue is just that a deep ocean cobalt blue that will work with all eye colours
and skin tones - though I do feel the fairer you are the more this will pop!
Unlike some of the shades in the Barry M Waterproof Eye Liner this does not have any
glitter particles but is just a smooth metallic shade that does have a foil effect
but to truly see the foil effect in all it's glory you do require a little building of the shade.
I used to have a blue eye liner exactly like this shade from Mac and now it is irking me
that I can not recall the name of said liner for the life of me...hate when that happens.

Barry M Waterproof Eye Liner in Bold Blue is well pigmented but does require a little
building up as mentioned if you want to see the foiling effect but that is the only issue.
I found it to glide on with such ease no tugging or pulling on the eye area,
it's soft but not so much that you have issues forming a precise line or that the pencil snaps constantly.
In terms of wear on the upper lash line it wore pretty much all day and that is with a heat wave
however I did find it to crease a little around the 10 hour mark but the poor liner did have to compete
with oily lids and a scorcher of a day and 10 hours is still pretty well going in my book!

Product Summary
Round Up - A brilliant blue eye liner that has a metallic finish and wears well.
Best For - Those who have issues with liners staying put!
Pigmentation - (7/10) Well pigmented but it does need a little building to see it's full potential.
Availability - £3.99 from most Barry M stockists such as Boots, Superdrug and via Barry M - link