Onca is a new and exclusive beauty and energy supplement,
it is a blend of tropical botanicals vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants that are harvested in the Amazon.
Onca increases the levels of collagen, reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases weight loss
and can promote better sleep and improve anxiety.

ONCA has 21 natural ingredients, one of its many unique ingredients is Camu Camu which has 80 times more vitamin C than that of an Orange.


· Camu Camu has anti-inflammatory and anti –allergic properties, fighting free radicals

· Assists in the cleansing of body from the inside out, putting life back it to hair and skin.

· Vitamin C has been proven to help us feel less stressed

· Aids the body to absorb Iron – assisting in the synthesis of collagen

· Helps intestinal function

· The large concentration of Calcium is important for healthy teeth and bones

· High levels of Vitamin B1, helping to ensure the nervous system functions efficiently

Onca comes in two variations - Onca Morning, which cleanses, energises and detoxifies
and Onca Evening, which supports recovery reinforces health.
With each powder you should mix with milk or a milk based drink such as a smoothie,
the milk does not have to be cow's milk you can use almond, rice, soya or yoghurt.

My experience
I was sent a week supply of both variations, I mixed with almond milk smoothies
and found the milk to disguise the taste that others have experienced.
As the full course is a month and not a week obviously my  experience will differ greatly from those
that encounter the full month.
I obviously saw no increase in collagen and I can't say the few dimples I have on my thighs/butt
have improved but over the week I did feel more relaxed and not as on edge as I normally tend to be
which was nice but I have experienced similar results with Kalm tablets which are margainlly cheaper.
The weight loss element is there, I lost 5lb combined with weight watchers the week I took this
which is a 2lb increase and not something I can grumble about but I do worry about the weight loss,
I mean what if you are naturally very slim and have nothing to loose or spare?
Basically I do feel these work for the energy, aniexty and weight loss
but as the full course (30 days) retails at £156 it's not something I will be rushing to purchase.

Onca 30 day supply costs £156/30 days - link

This post contains PR samples.