My hands and cuticles are in an embarrassing state at the moment,
my cuticles are dry and pretty ugly to look at and my hands are dry, itchy and chapped
so I thought i'd share what I have been slapping on at the moment which is The Body Shop 
Almond Hand and Cuticle Cream.

We all have our favourite type of scents and Almond ranks highly on mine,
oddly I am not a fan of nuts (mind out of the gutter please) 
and tend to body swerve most nut scents such as Brazil Nut etc but not Almond.
Although it is Almond scented/based the scent does have a slight hint of floral
that makes the scent more universally pleasing and like most Body Shop scents 
this is not overly artificial nor can you taste it should you use your hands to eat immediately 
after application...never fun unless your hand cream tastes delightful!

The Hand and Cuticle Cream itself is thick and creamy yet instantly melts and absorbs
with contact of skin so you do not have to really work it into the skin.
It leaves behind no residue and does not leave the skin feeling greasy 
but engulfs them in moisture and provides a skin calming barrier against the elements.
I have the most disgusting cuticles and really do not pay nearly enough attention to them,
yes i'm hanging my head in shame as I type this but I have found this to soften them
and I have started pushing them back so hopefully in the future you will all be impressed by my lack
of visible cuticles...that I highly doubt but hey a girl can try.

My only grumble is the packaging, yes the squeeze style tube makes using the cream very easy
(does the style remind anyone else of paint tubes?) but gosh does it take a battering in a hand bag
and harping back to paint as an ex art student let me tell you that those paint tubes burst quite frequently
making me fear the worst from this tube of hand cream.

The Body Shop Almond Hand and Cuticle Cream £10/100ml - link

This post contains a PR Sample.