I am well aware I tend to waffle on and as a reader that must be annoying!
So I shall try and keep this review as short and sweet as I am capable of doing.
This is my first experience with NYC Lipsticks, I spotted them in Superdrug and at £1.49 a pop
I felt it was rude not to pick up a shade and test out.

The packaging is quite cheap and tacky not just to look at but to feel too,
there is no disguising that this is a drug store find and a lower budget one at that.
I can put aside the packaging but it annoys me how high up the lipstick rests in the case,
perhaps this is always the case with lipsticks and the clear lid simply show cases this more than others do?

The shade I chose to purchase was Rose Gold (413) which is primarily a pink shade
with a slight golden tinge which is given to the shade by the tiny flecks of golden shimmer.
This shade reminds me a little of a weakly pigmented Nars Orgasm. 
Although it is a shimmer formula it does not feel rough nor does it dry out the lips.
The shade is pretty enough but lacks pigmentation and will require some work to see it at it's full potential
which could be a problem for those who have deeper pigmented lips than I.
Surprisingly the formula does feel light on the lips and is fairly moisturising,
it does not stain, bleed or feather but it doesn't wear all that well with it fading after an hour of wear.

I reviewed this product with an open mind as I do with every product I buy/receive,
I'm often blown away with lower end budget products but sadly this was not the case with this shade.
I'm not completely off put by NYC lipsticks and would perhaps pick up another shade
should the mood take me but yes I was disappointed in how poorly this lipstick preformed.

Product Summary
Round Up - A golden flecked pink lipstick that performs pretty poorly.
Best For - Perhaps mixing with other lip shades?
Pigmentation (2/10) Pretty Poor
Availability - Superdrug £1.49 and other NYC stockists.