It has been a while since I have tried or reviewed anything targeted at pores
but there is a reason for that I have been trailing the B.Live Pore range
and wanted to try the products separately and the together in order to give the best review.
In this line there is three products, a mask - link and a night and day treatment.

"Unsightly facial pores will be a thing of the past. Filled with collagen, antioxidants
and skin cells repairing properties, these mighty ingredients help seal the pores, prevent future problems 
and calm down skin irritation."

Shrink and Tighten is the day time treatment in the Shrink and Tighten range
and is a light finely textured serum that is really loose so when applying take the less is more route.
I found it to sink instantly into the skin and left my face feeling soothed and calmed,
this dries to a matte finish and is perfectly fine to apply make-up straight on top off.
The scent of Shrink and Tighten is really light and subtle with slight floral tones.
Used alone I saw no improvement to my pores but the texture of my skin did appear tighter
and soft however when used in conjunction with the night treatment - Shrink and Tighten Plus
I did see a small improvement in the size of my pores but nothing all that noticeable if being honest
and when the price is considered $49/30ml I don't think I would be impressed had I paid.

"Potent with L-ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C, Shrink and Tighten+ stimulates collagen 
production at night which helps tighten pores and regenerate nutrients for firmer and brighter skin complexion. A pore reducing night complex, this magic potion leaves you looking flawless 
and ensures your large pores stay out of sight!"

Shrink and Tighten Plus is the night time treatment which is best applied with the fingertips
but do be careful as the rubber dispenser is not the most secure and can leak rather easily.
The treatment itself is thin and has the consistency of water with a strong chemical type scent.
When you apply this to the skin it tingles which is a little off putting initially as I associate
tingling with the first sign of my skin having an allergic reaction but luckily that was not the case.
I found this to instantly tighten the skin but my skin did appear rather shiny after use
but that does disappear overnight however I should mention that this takes some while to fully sink in.
Used alone this did not refine or reduce the size or appearance of my pores
but used with Shrink and Tighten I did notice a slight difference 
however not a large enough difference or improvement to warrant a re-purchase
 as it costs $49/15ml, yes a little goes a long way but I got approximately one month of use out of the small bottle and added up over a year of use it will add up to a small fortune.

Final Thoughts
When used together the products do help to refine the texture of the skin
thus making enlarged pores appear smaller and giving the user a better surface of skin to work with.
If I was to recommend this range of products I would do so to those who only have a few enlarged pores
as it is not intense enough to treat those who have chronic enlarged pores.
Out of the entire range mask included I favour the Shrink and Tighten serum best.

Have you tried any of the B.Liv products?
You can read more about  B.Liv products and purchase via their web store - link

This post contains PR samples.