When a product has a waiting list that is normally enough for me to lust after one,
I know that is terribly vain but when something is unobtainable I want it all the more!
No Needle Fix has a waiting list and a huge cult following so when I was asked did I want to test
the product myself I jumped at the chance!

"Give your skin an injection of youth, minus the needles with No Needle Fix!

This revolutionary serum plumps + volumises skin with active ingredient OSILIFT® while smoothing + reducing the appearance of imperfections. 
It gives skin a youthful appearance, improving elasticity + tone.

Skin is instantly hydrated with long lasting results for a younger, firmer and plumper looking complexion.
cellactive® form improves tonicity + elasticity
osilift® reduces fine lines + wrinkles
indinyl® ca softens + hydrates"

The idea is that you use this before your moisturiser both night and day.
I found the serum to be thick almost gel like and it has a light delicate fresh scent that is really pleasant.
It is instantly absorbed into the skin and cools with contact which is always a lovely sensation in my book.
Once soaked into the skin it leaves behind no residue and dries to a natural matte finish.

I often feel product such as this is wasted on me as I don't have any lines or wrinkles as of yet to plump
but as always prevention is better than a cure so I happily test away.
I'm will speak of no lies when it comes to the anti-ageing element but I can vouch that my skin 
instantly felt smoother, softer, plumped and hydrated and tighter.
Personally I enjoy the velvet like base it gives, perfect for applying make-up on top off!

Nip + Fab No Needle Fix costs £19.95/50ml - link