"Pick ANY of your FOUR label.m favourites to take away in a specially sized transparent, zipped pouch that snugly fits any combination of Cleanse, Condition, Create and Complete from the 4C’s system.

With its prescriptive approach, the label.m Mini Airliner ensures that you are able to continue your salon-advised regime – wherever you happen to land!

label.m Mini Airliner promotion RRP £12.00 includes one mini CLEANSE and one mini CONDITION product and ANY two products from the mini CREATE AND COMPLETE categories as well as a complimentary ‘Airliner’ Pouch and ‘Holiday Hair Guide’. 
Available from May 2012 exclusively at specially appointed label.m salons globally, as well as TONI&GUY, essensuals."

Label.m have recently re-launched their Mini Airliner hair care sets,
basically you can pick four products suited to your hair type that come neatly presented
in a clear pouch perfect for popping in any bag or suitcase for £12.
They are also UK carry on luggage friendly as they are less than 100ml
and use natural sprays where concerned which are also kinder on the environment.

My picks:
Honey and Oat shampoo and conditioner - perfect for dry, dehydrated hair.
I especially recommend this formula if you plans involve lots of sun,
this will help keep it in tip top condition while you work on those tan lines!

Blow Out Spray - This not only protects against heat and UV rays
but adds volume and texture, perfect for those like myself who like their hair big!
A non sticky formula that does not leave the hair stiff...winner.

Shine Spray - I often feel the sun drains what little shine is in my hair
so this is perfect to add a little glossy finish to the hair. 
Giving a lovely polished look to any hair style.

For stockists - Helpline 0870 770 8080 ,www.labelm.co.uk or via Twitter @labelmUK