Do you struggle with the ouch factor when it comes to plucking your eyebrows?
I know the pain is hardly unbearable but I do find plucking my brows to be the one beauty task
that I will put off until I have what can only be best described as a mono brow.
Well a few months ago I was watching an old Friend's re-run and in said episode
Chandler plucks Joey's eyebrows and says one of his tricks is to use Aloe Vera and Chamomile
to soothe the skin so I picked up some Aloe Vera gel and gave it a whirl!

I slapped it on my eyebrows and plucked away and gosh the pain is reduced immensely,
I mean there is next to none uncomfortableness which makes the process speedier too.
Now I could be exaggerating but it almost feels like the Aloe Vera Gel numbs the area
which is a bonus for a big baby like myself!
If the ouch factor is not a big deal for you or you simply don't want to pluck wet eyebrows
then you could slick this on after plucking to soothe the skin, de-puff and reduce the redness.

Of course Aloe Vera Gel has other uses such as Sun Burn, general dryness of the skin,
chapped skin and for use on stretch marks.
I have been applying this on particularly painful blemishes and do feel it heals them slightly quicker
than had I left them to run their course, it works particularly well on those under the skin blemishes.
I am allergic to cocoa butter so to read that this works on stretch marks is music to my hears,
I have actually snapped a photo of the stretch marks on my hips and will do a three month before
and after should it fade or reduce the appearance of them.

Don't you just love multi-purpose products? Do you use Aloe Vera Gel for anything?

You can pick up Aloe Vera Gel in most health stores for a really reasonable price,
I picked this up in Holland & Barret for under £5 for 100ml.