I received China Glaze Electrify in this months Jolie Box ,
Electrify is one of the shades that was part of The Hunger Games collection that launched earlier this year.
Basically there is a shade for each district and Electrify represents District 5 - Electricity.
To me Electrify looks more like fire than it does electricity, had it of been my brain child I would
have went for neon blue glitter or something in that vain but hey ho!

Electrify is a fairly thick and easy to apply polish 
but does take around three coats to gain a full opaque coverage - each coat dries quickly.
I found it quicker and easier to apply it on top of a similar shade, 
I layered it on top of Barry M Copper and it seemed to work well.
Personally I like the shade but it screams Christmas/Festive to me so I think I will keep it in the stash
for the winter which will be here before we know it (ever the optimist)!

This post contains a PR sample.

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I will no longer be commenting on the wear of nail polishes
unless it chips instantly etc as I change my nail colour too frequently - sometimes daily,
to comment properly on the wear and as we all use different techniques such as top coats/base coats
I don't feel that my comments on wear time are helpful in any way.