A few weeks ago after several glowing reviews of Bioderma Crealine soloution on the blogosphere
I went in guns blazing and bought a small bottle of the cleanser
without foolishly releasing that Bioderma actually produce a version that targets oily skin.
So once I finished said small bottle I of course had to purchase Bioderma Sebium.

Bioderma Sebium H2O solution is one of the oh so now Micellar solution cleansers
which is basically oil infused water in laymen's terms - science never was my strong point!
Although the product contains oil of some sort it does not feel oily but gentle and water like
but boy does it remove make-up like no other!
One cotton pad soaked in Bioderma Sebium  H2O solution will pretty much remove your entire
days make-up but I like to use three, two on my face and one for eye make-up.

Why do I adore Micellar solutions? Let thee count the ways..kidding!
But what makes me such a convert is not only it's effectiveness but how gentle it is.
They remove make-up, dirt and grime without stripping the skin or being oily,
I don't find it to leave any oily residue on my skin at all which is wonderful for someone who hates oil!
This version is aimed at oily skin and unlike the crealine version it isn't colour nor scent free
but it didn't play havoc with my skin at all and will cleanse your skin while cooling it...great after a long day.
Another benefit of both Bioderma H2O solutions is that you don't rise the formula off
so if you are a fan of cleansing wipes but don't find them effective let me introduce you to your new BFF!
However this version does not say if you can use this to take of your eye make-up 
so for that reason for now i'm going to advise against such procedure.

In all honesty I'm not sure which solution I prefer best?
I like that the Sebium solution works better with my oily skin and does seem to keep oil at bay
for that little longer each day - not massively so but every little helps.
However being able to use the same product to remove all my make-up eyes included
and being scent free does give the Crealine version the slight edge!
Also it has to be said for both solutions I feel I finish the bottle rather quickly!
Anyone else feel this way?

Have you used either or both?
If so which did you prefer.

I purchased all my Bioderma via eBay using this seller - link.