Pinch, punch first of the month!
I hope no-one played any naughty April Fool's Tricks?
If you did what did you do haha?
Anyway while I avoid all practical jokes here is my favourites for the month of March.

Avon Sleeptherapy Pillow Mist 
I can not sleep without this scent lingering on my pillows and sheets
and wither it is a placebo or not I definitely sleep better! with it!

GHD Heat Protector Spray 
We all need a good Heat Protector and this one does more than a fine job,
it has a light scent that is really pleasant and protects my hair against the heat of my straighteners
without being overbearing or sticky.

Vaseline 2 in 1 Hand Cream
It sanitises and moisturises need I really say more?
Oh and if you aren't already sold it costs just over £3...bargain!

Mavala Blue Mint and Candy Floss Nail Polishes
Two shades I can not get enough of now it is Spring!
These are the perfect ice cream pastels that more than curb my sugar cravings.
Bring on the floral prints and ice lollies....oh and BBQs!

Revlon Lip Butters
On the whole I am obsessed with these balm lipstick hybrids.
Okay some shades are less appealing than others but when these are good they are phenomenal! 
Shame we only got 14 shades as this little lady would like more shades.

Molton Brown Sunshield
A complete god send in this recent sunny spell which is now all but gone.
I adore that this protects my face from the harsh sun rays but dries to a matte finish
making make-up application a complete breeze!

What have you been favouring this month?