So lately I have been concocting glitter and flakie nail polishes for all those near and dear
which have affectionately been dubbed Sunday Sizzlers...I know we are so imaginative haha!
Blazing Squanderer is a spin on Blazing Squad and was named after many giggles.

Basically I wanted to create a few polishes that are hand made - even the base was some what mixed
and custom to those they are made for, I wanted to ensure that they were not tested on animals
and hey lets face it we all mentally picture a polish that we would love to sport
but can we find it...can we heck and that is basically what Sunday Sizzlers was born on,
that and my love for a good glitter polish or ten!

Blazing Squanderer is somewhat based on fire, I wanted a pink and coral flakie polish
to layer over lots of similar shades of polish and here it is.
Admittedly this is not the best that I have created as it was my first
but like many firsts I imagine this will grown to be a special polish/moment.

I'll be the first to state that this polish is quite a stretch away from ideal
but we all have to start somewhere even if the first attempt is shoddy haha!
So yeah say hello to my first Sunday Sizzler
and I'm not shy in admitting that this post was painful and embarrassing to write
does anyone else get that way when sharing things they've created or am I just odd?