It's been a while since I shared an individual eyeshadow by MUA
so today I thought I'd remedy that by blogging about MUA Shade 1 - Pearl
which in my opinion is a great shade to highlight with,
not to mention it is a really decent dupe for a famous brand and shade!

If you are familiar with the MUA brand then you'll recognize their trademark
black and transparent packaging, which makes light work of spotting the shade housed inside.
Okay it is not the most daring nor is it the most pretty but it is far from ugly.
When evaluating the packaging I do think it is only fair to mention that the product cost £1
and considering the price point it could be so much worse.

MUA Shade 1 is a well pigmented creamy shade - ivory with a hint of yellow.
The texture is really soft and blendable and the finish is metallic.
To me this is a great powder highlight shade wither you able it to your eyes 
or anywhere else on the face you require highlighting.
Shade 1 does have a yellow undertone resulting in it being a neutral shade and should suit all.
The pigmentation level of this shade means it will show up on all skin tones.
In my opinion this shade is pretty similar to Mac Nylon and an inexpensive dupe.

A negative point I do have to mention is that I have noticed that the individual shades shatter very easily
this is a combination and fault of the packaging and the formula.
The formula of the individual eyeshadow's are softer than those I have encountered in the MUA palettes.
This shadow is butter soft to touch, it feels smooth although shade 1 has a metallic and glitter finish 
it has no gritty or rough texture what so ever. 
The super soft formula makes light work for blending and application 
but it does not fair well if you have a heavy hand or drop the pan.
Again yes the eyeshadow only costs a £1 but if you continuously break them it is still money wasted! 
I did find this shade had a substitutional level of fall out, which I find annoying! 

The pigmentation of Shade 1 is by far more superior than any of the shades housed in the MUA Palettes.
One little swipe is all it took for my swatches and I still had plenty of product left over to do another.
For the price point I honestly do believe you will be hard pushed to find anything to rival it.
I tried this shade today without any primer and managed around 5 hours before the shade melted
and succumbed to my oily lids, I do feel this would survive 8hours + with the use of a base.

Product Summary
Round Up - A well pigmented creamy ivory eyeshadow shade that works well as a powder highlight.
Best For - Anyone looking for a similar shade to Mac's Nylon or a metallic ivory highlight.
Pigmentation -(9/10) Phenomenal for the price!
Availability - Most Superdrug stores, Superdrug website - link,
MUA website - link, £1 for 2g of product