As some of you may be aware I am obsessed with scented candles and wax tarts.
I forever have one burning away and enjoy scenting my home with various fragrant products,
as the seasons change so does my mood and tastes.

With us now officially in British Summer time I find myself gravitating towards fruity scents,
my recent choices have been Betty Crocker candles which aren't quite as strong 
or as well scented as perhaps Yankee Candles but in the warm weather I prefer subtle scents
rather than the rich fragrances I favour in the chilly months.

My two top choices are Blueberry Pie which is a really tart sugary scent
that reminds me of Blueberry Ice Pops and Ices, okay it is a little artificial in scent but I like it none the less.
It's really young and fun and perfect for day time use.
The other scent I have been burning  is Peach Cobbler,
admittedly I am not a fan of peach scents but this version is so delicate that it lingers in the back ground
offering subtle breezes of fragrance making it my new cooking companion
particularly on Fridays when it's Fish night...stinkkkkyyyyy!
I can't find these online but I have found these in lots of little cheap shops
such as pound shops and local corner shops so do keep an eye out.

Okay don't laugh at the above photos but I swear by Febreeze,
I swear if they should ever make a perfume version I would douse myself in it haha!
Every morning I spritz my sofas and soft furnishings with the Bali Sunset version,
which in my opinion is reminiscent of sun dried laundry...fresh, clean and simple.
For £3 I really recommend it and Febreeze is one of the few products 
that doesn't set of my asthmatic mother into a coughing fit!
I picked this up in my local Morrisons so check out your local supermarkets.

Do you still scent your house in the summer?
If so what do you like to use?