I haven't seen many reviews on the new-ish Rimmel Match Perfection Blushes and Bronzers
so I thought as I am a curious sausage that the best thing to do would be to pick them up,
test, wear and review them and share it all on here as I so often do!

Rimmel Match Perfection Blushes aren't beautifully packaged - come to think of it I don't really
rank Rimmel that highly on terms of pretty packaging other than a few mascaras from yesteryear. 
That being said the case is sturdy enough and the lid screws on rather than simply clasping on,
resulting in the lid/compact being a little more secure.
The case itself is made from sturdy plastic that should survive a bash or two but I would go easy
as the style of this blush reminds me of pressed powders and we have all had a pressed powder 
calamity or twelve in my case...my beautiful bags, my beautiful bags!
Speaking of pressed powders the size of this blush is huge at a whopping 15g's,
that is more than double of the Mac Blushes I have just purchased at 6g!

Rimmel Match Perfection Blushes come in two shades Light and Medium.
Each blush in the collection is split into three segments that you could apply separately 
if you have a smallish brush or swirl together to create a custom shade 
and make full use of the blue sapphire pigment that helps to create an even and natural flush!
The blush does have a slight shimmer effect to it but it is subtle and flattering.
Medium is a medley of two pinks and an ivory tone, separately I do not rate the blushes
as I found them to be slightly chalky but swirled together they form a lovely cool toned berry blush
that I have in good faith that is similar to Benefit's Hervana Blush - I don't own it to compare.
To me it is very similar to Mac's Mocha Blush which is a personal favourite!

To touch the blush is fairly firm but it does pick up well on a brush
and is easily applied, blended out and built up should you require it.
Separately the pigmentation of the shades is best described as mediocre and chalky
but when swirled together I do feel it works so much better, giving a more even finish
that is better pigmented than when used as solo shades.
This blush is best suited to light to medium skin tones as I do not feel there is enough pigmentation present
to properly suit deep skin tones without going ashen which is a shame as it is a pretty shade.
Hopefully Rimmel will add a Deep/Dark option to the duo of shades soon.
In terms of wear this wore really well, without primer it lasted 6 hours on my oily skin
and when primed it stayed put for 8 hours and had potential to last longer should I have needed it.

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Match Perfection Blushes?

Product Summary
Round Up - A trio of blush shades that work best when combined to form a berry toned shade.
Best For - Light to medium skin tones, not pigmented enough for deeper skin tones sadly.
Pigmentation - (7/10) 
Availability - From selected Rimmel stockists such as Boots - link 15g/£5.99