Argan and Moroccan Oil are very much dish of the day in the hair care world
with most people actively seeking out products that contain either of the two.
I can't say I'm one for hair oil but if a product can contain it and not be oily then I am on board!
One such brand that infuses Argan oil into it's products is the Berber Oil by Osmo
and I have three of the staple products to share with you all today.

Berber Oil
Hair rehab… keep with the program

"Unique hair treatment oil with Argan Oil helps to restore hair to pristine condition.
Nourishing hair treatment to help replenish and strengthen hair for noticeable results.
The unique blend of oils contains Argan Oil which is a powerful antioxidant that provides 
intense nourishment to dry and damaged hair the formula is rich in Vitamin E 
and was specially created to reduce drying time.
Contains UV filters for protection against sun damage and heat styling."

I'm not going to lie and say that I enjoy hair oil products because I don't,
I dislike the consistency of oil and the sensation and that is in regard to any oil product.
However I can handle hair oil on wet hair as once you dry your hair the oil texture completely disappears.
On the hair it feels hydrating and provides a barrier against the heat.
It does live up to the quicker drying time and i'd say by as much as 40% which is a huge chunk
of time saved especially if drying your hair is as much of a pain the butt for you as it is for me!
I was gifted the 10ml version and have used it daily for a little over a week and still have around a fifth
left over so a little truly does go a long way with this product.
One thing I want to mention is the yummy scent, it smells a little like cherry jelly sweets haha!

Berber Oil Shampoo
The shampoo socialite... Expect the VIP treatment

"A mild rejuvenating cleanser designed to infuse the hair with essential moisture and hydration.
A mild rejuvenating cleanser.Delivers enhanced radiance and intense shine.
Moisturises and hydrates. Aids in the replenishment of vital proteins and essential nutrients.
Unique blend of oils combined with Panthenol to help strengthen and repair."

Much like the oil this has the same distinctive fruity - cherry scent that I really enjoy.
The shampoo is thick and jelly like and has a consistency you'd expect from a higher end product.
As the description states this is a mild shampoo so in order for me to feel truly cleansed
I did have to do the ol' rinse lather and repeat step but that is hardly back breaking labour.
This shampoo removed any product I had in my hair without stripping the natural moisture from my hair
nor did it affect the colour tint that I currently have on my hair.
I think the shampoo infused with Berber Oil is a great way to get the benefits from the Argan oil
without any of the fuss of applying oil to the hair.

Berber Oil Mask
Rescue remedy...not just for the morning after.

"A luxuriously indulgent, intensely nourishing, restoration therapy to help restore hair to its full glory.
Unique combination of oils including Argan, Avocado and Olive.
Replenishes elasticity and bounce.Leaves hair smooth and silky for ease of styling.
Use individually for an indulgent experience or in collaboration 
with Berber Oil Shampoo for outstanding results.
Helps strengthen and repair even the most fragile of locks."

Again this shares the same scent as the other products mentioned above but this has to be my stand out
product in the trio as it really is an indulgent treat for any hair type.
The mask is thick yet it doesn't overload the hair bulking it down with residue,
it is an intense mask that will do the world of good to dry and damaged hair
yet is gentle and light enough to be used daily if you so wish.
I have been using it daily on the bleached parts of my hair as they feel quite fragile
and can honestly say it hydrates and smooths out the frizz that often comes with dry ends.
Left on the hair for a pro-longed period will give you a lovely deep conditioning treatment
with the level of shine I have only ever obtained from a visit to my hairdresser.
All in a fab conditioner that I simply must have the full size version of!

So does this sound like something you'd enjoy using?
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This post contains PR samples.