I certainly have a weakness for neon pink nail polish shades,
I spent the best part of last summer seeking out the perfect neon pink 
and never quite hit the jack pot, most neons tend to be matte which is not my preferred finish.
Is Orly Oh Cabana Boy my perfect neon pink? Nope but it comes pretty close!

Orly Oh Cabana Boy is a bright neon pink that has a strong blue undertone
and is not a matte shade but rather a shimmer infused polish with a slightly glossy finish.
It is one of those shades that is flattering on all skin tones and a really great shade for the summer
as it will look equally good on the fingers or toes or should you feel like it both!

Oh Cabana Boy applies well but needs at least 3 coats for the shade to become opaque.
I typically find Orly polishes to last around 4 days before they begin to chip
however around the 3 day mark I do notice a little tip wear.
You can of course remedy this with the use of a base and top coat.

You can pick up the 5ml version from Boots for £5! - link