A few days ago I was browsing my local Superdrug store and noticed a new addition to the MUA line -
a brush on concealer pen that was available in two shades - online it only lists one shade
so perhaps that is why my box was slapped with a new sticker?

Much like all the MUA pro products this is simply packaged in black plastic with silver accents,
the plain packaging works in it's favour as it gives it an upmarket feel rather than a £2 product.
The pen style applicator has a brush applicator which is soft and does not shed
and to dispense the product you turn the base until the product appears.
Admittedly the first few uses are pretty tricky as it does tend to dispense more product than needed
but some settles down after a few applications.

As mentioned I spotted this in two shades - Light and Radiance.
I intended to use this as an under eye concealer so I went with the radiance option
in the hope it would conceal and perk up my tired eyes.
Radiance is a very light toned shade but does have tiny flecks of shimmer
that will highlight and give the skin an added boost when applied.
I can not comment on the Light option as there was no testers but I would imagine it to be suitable
for most light to medium skin tones.

The concealer itself is thick, creamy and easy enough to apply thanks to the brush nib,
the brush is a great way to apply the product to the delicate eye area.
I found the concealer a little too light for my skin tone but it did hide my dark circles
and worked quite well as a primer on my eye lids...no idea why I tried that but I did.
It wears well and did not crease or settle into any crease around my eye area
I think as it is slightly shimmery it won't be great for hiding blemishes as the shimmer
will highlight and accentuate any redness and drawing attention to the blemish 
is the last thing you want to do!
My one problem with this product was the scent, it is fairly strong and floral,
it hate to say it but the scent irritated my eyes and made them water 
so I don't really recommend it for that use.
You could however use it to highlight your cheekbones?

MUA Brush on Concealer Pen in Radiance £2 available from selected Superdrug's
and hopefully the MUA store soon.