Mac Modern Mandarin is part of the new launch Tres Cheek 
which is a blush only launch consisting of 6 various blushes. 
I love blush as much as the average blush hoarder 
but 6 shades are too many even for me so I settled on two shades. 

I of course went straight for the orange/coral shades 
and that is where Modern Mandarin slides in. 
Modern Mandarin is a bright orange based coral that has a yellow undertone, 
It reminds me slightly of Mac Style blush or Mememe Blush in Coral 
so if you own either you may what to skip as at some points you can really own too much of a good thing. 

Modern Mandarin is a satin formula blush which is not matte in formula 
but rather has a light silver veining of shimmer/glitter scattered throughout. 
I found the formula to be fairly light and well pigmented so much so that 
I adopted the tread lightly approach through fear of looking like a clown. 
In terms of wear I on average get just around 6 hours of wear from a Mac Satin Formula blush
and do not find them to be unflattering on skin that has faults such as fine lines and enlarged pores. 

So what do you think of this shade? 
Great for the summer? 

Mac Modern Mandarin £17.50/6g - link