I apologise that today has turned into a nail polish medley
it just so happens that all my newest polishes arrived around the same time earlier this week
and I couldn't wait to share them!

Essence Blue Addicted was really tricky to source but how I wanted it so!
In the UK we don't seem to readily stock Essence yet if you go to Ireland it is easy to get.
I had to scour eBay for this polish and in the end had it shipped in from Poland
but boy was it worth it!

Essence Blue Addicted is known for being a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe
and although I don't actually own it a quick Google search confirms that they are indeed 
very, very similar and worth investigating if you can source Essence as I believe it is a Drugstore brand?

Blue Addicted is a blue jelly like polish with hexagon glitter in various tones of blue and green
complimented with tiny flecks of glitter in the same complimentary tones.
Without sounding too clichéd but it is everything and more I could want from a blue glitter polish!
On the nails it is so dimensional that it reflects and sparkles in any light
and will completely steal the attention of many the admirer!
For me this is my new perfect mermaid polish.
As mentioned this is a jelly polished so you do have to layer it on
or do what I did and layer it over a deep polish - I used OPI Russian Navy.

I paid just over £7 for my bottle on eBay - link
so try and get a buddy with access to Essence to pick you this up!