Yes, yes this range is yet again targeted at little un's but that's not to say us grown up's can't use it!
Back in the day Johnson's used to have a slogan good for baby, good for you,
I'm the eldest of seven children so baby products aren't anything new to me!
The bedtime range is one of the newer lines and is aimed to give babies/toddlers a good night sleep,
as a lovely mummy reader of mine pointed out that it is more a gimmick with young kids
and the best thing is a routine - sound advice indeed!
But on adults I feel we are more subject to viewing bath time as a relaxant rather than
playtime...rubber ducks at the ready people!

As with the majority of Bedtime products both come packaged in lilac packaging,
admittedly it does make me tired just looking at the products...the power of the mind!
They are well packaged with the wash being easy to grip and the cream coming in a sturdy pot
so even if you drop it while slippery it will be a-okay!

There is not much I can really say about the scent as neither the products
nor the official website list what the main ingredients are but a quick whiff says to me
that the main notes/ingredients are Lavender and Chamomile both known to relax and soothe.
The scent is actually really pleasant and one of the better fragrances in terms of  bedtime products!

I found the Baby Bedtime Wash to be a thick creamy wash that is very moisturising body wash
that cleansed my skin without stripping or drying it out.
I was quite shocked at how well it cleansed considering it is aimed for little children
but it did really well and even removed the make-up swatches I had on my arm.
You can also use this under running water and it produced bubble bath type results.
The wash is well scented and leaves the dreamy scent on your skin for a good few hours after use.

The Baby Bedtime Cream was rather hard to source with most stores only stocking the lotion version
which is not at all what I was looking for, I prefer butters/creams over runny lotions any day!
The cream is thick and similar in consistency to a typical body butter, it melts instantly into the skin
and doesn't leave behind any oily traces or residue.
It moisturises the skin being particularly effective on dry patches and leaves your skin soft
and delicately scented again for a few hours after use.

I'm not going to lie and say these help me sleep but the scent is relaxing and a step in the right direction,
the plus side of things is that the scent is aimed to calm so they are the perfect products to use just before
bed opposed to using a fruity shower combo that will only awaken you!

If you fancy trying these your best bet is checking your local Supermarkets,
I found Asda to be the best so far!