Vaseline have just launched a new hand cream that combines moisturisation with the germ killing agent
that is hand sanitiser, such a great and simple idea why has no-one thought of this before?
Normal hand creams deliver moisture but don't have an anti-bacterial property
yet hand sanitisers cleanse and kill germs but can be overly drying to the skin
so the combination is much needed and dare I say it genius! 

The idea is that this 2 in 1 formula combines the best of both worlds "moisture in, germs out"
all the while containing 5 essential moisturisers : 
Glycerin, Potassium Lactate, Sodium PCA, Urea, Collagen Amino Acids.
Vaseline Hand Cream and Anti-Bac is more of a lotion then cream in formula,
it is fairly thin in texture but really easily absorbed into the hands with a light fresh scent.
I found it to moisturise my hands without leaving any greasy residue or being overly scented.

The bottle is completely travel friendly at a 75ml size and the squeezy tube makes applying a breeze.
If like me you hate dry hands but like to use a sanitiser when out and about,
I say combine the best of both worlds and save some space in your handbag and pick this up!

Vaseline Hand Cream and Anti-Bac(S) 75ml/£3.29 available nationwide in Boots, Superdrug
and all leading Supermarkets.