I have a few GHD hair care products to share but I'm going to keep each review short and sweet,
no-one really needs a 600 word essay on a hair care product!
When it comes down to it we all really want to know two things:
A, What does it claim to do?
B, Does it live up to such claims?

As with all the GHD styling products GHD Root Lift Spray comes sleekly presented with a practical spray function that makes dispensing the product easy, fuss free and pretty much mess free,
I'd also like to mention that spray in aerosol free.
The root lift is light and has a light fresh scent that is very pleasant.
The product claims to give volume and support where needed when used with a hair dryer,
as this has to be used with heat it has a built in heat protector so no need for separate products.

The idea is that you spray 1-2 pumps of GHD Root Lift Spray on the underside of the damp roots
you then using the heat from a hair dryer tease from the root with a brush for lift.
The method is pretty straight forward and for best results I always use a round brush,
I have thick hair and volume promising products don't always work very well
but I found this when used with heat gave me all the volume I required without weighing down the hair
or being sticky which is a pet hate.
The volume didn't last all day but that may have been the weight of my hair to blame
but with a little hair spray the product can and was rectified.
It also states that it can be used between washes for a boost,
which I tried but can't say I noticed any difference so I would say it is best used as it was intended to be.
If you like your hair voluminous than I think you would enjoy this product.

GHD Root Lift Spray (S) £12.95/100ml - link