Friday, March 30, 2012

Sleek MakeUp Glo Face and Body Highlighter in Peach Shimmer - Review

Sleek MakeUp have recently re-packaged their Glo Face and Body Highlighter line.
Gone is the long rectangle palettes with the little oval brushes and in is a more compact square design.
Sleek MakeUp have however stuck with the matte black packaging with glossy black logo,
I like that the packaging is instantly recognizable and sleek - no pun intended.
Although the outer casing is matte I do not it be a dirt magnet like some matte packaged products.
I also want to mention that the case is sturdy and has a large mirror housed inside!

Sleek MakeUp Glo Face and Body Highlighter comes in three shade variations :
Peach Shimmer, Bronze Baby and Gold Digga.
All of which feature five complimentary shades of glowing strips of powder,
which can be used separately or blended together to create an unique shade.
Admittedly if you plan on using the shades alone you will have to use a small brush.
I guess any product of this nature will draw comparisons to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks
as I don't own such product any more I'm hesitant to draw any conclusion. 

Peach Shimmer is mainly constructed of light shades ranging from a golden ivory to a mid bronze tone.
When blended together the five shades form a mid toned bronze that has a slight peach undertone,
on medium to dark skin tones this makes a beautiful golden highlight 
and on paler tones this could be the light warm bronzer that so many search for.
Glo in Peach Shimmer is fairly pigmented but not so much that it applied muddy.
As this is a highlighting powder it of course has a shimmer finish but not so much that it is overwhelming
but one that adds radiance and a luminous finish to the skin that is subtle in the right way.

Sleek MakeUp Glo Face and Body Highlighter are soft but not overly so,
they apply with ease but don't break/shatter if like myself you are a little heavy handed.
I found the formula to be easy to apply and blend out with a normal angled blush brush,
there was next to no fall out and as mentioned the shimmer is subtle no glitter or gritty finish.
In terms of wear this wore just as any other Sleek MakeUp facial product
and survived a good six hours on un-primed oily skin in the current heat wave
but when used with primer it lasted a full nine hours with ease.

Product Summary
Round Up - A warm bronze peach toned highlighter/bronzer.
Best For - Med/Dark skin tones a warm highlighter, light tones a pretty bronzer.
Pigmentation - (7/10) Fair for a highlighting product.
Availability - Selected Superdrug stores and Sleek Make-Up's web store - link,

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  1. This looks very nice ! Not too sparkly as well which is always a bonus and the packaging is so much better ! xx

  2. Ooh I love the look of this... Would be brilliant to take on holidays, shadows and cheek colour all in one... Need this in my life!

    1. You are so I pop to put this in my case :)

  3. I really like the look of this product, none of the colours look too daunting and possibly suited for fairer skin tones?
    I do love Sleek products though, their eyeshadow palettes are great! x

    1. This would be great on all skin tones and I really mean that :) with a light hand on pale skin this would be fab! Yes the palettes are amazing!

  4. I love the look of this! Looks a tad scary for my very pale skin though, thanks for the review x

  5. I like it, perfect for summer

  6. wow...i love this! i love peach shades lately!!! so happy they ship interenationally! i wanna check it out!

  7. <3 I'm getting more and more into bronzers and highlighters as summer comes along.

  8. Definitely tempting! I love the Sleek packaging with the big mirror always, although they do have fresh-nail-polish-destroyer blush packaging. But as their blushes are so gorgeous and wonderfully priced I always forgive them everything :D

  9. I love colours like this, that have a pearly rather than shimmery finish :) Also these coloours would make really nice eye shadows!


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