Saturday, March 31, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting - Review

So the Revlon Lip Butters have finally hit British soil but again not without problems,
it seems they have still to be rolled out in many stores if Twitter is anything to go by.
My tip is check the smaller Boots stores as that is where I found mine,
okay there was only 7 shades but they had plenty of stock so it is worth a try?
Also Glasgow ladies there was plenty of stock in the Sauchiehall Street store.
I apologise for all the lip butter reviews and thank you all for hanging around :)
only one after this to go and on Monday there will be a Lip Butter swatch gallery!

Sadly the UK will only be receiving 14 of the 20 shades that are available in the US/Canada,
I have provided a list of shades that will be available in UK for reference purposes - link.
Once I pick up the last shade Frosting I will compile a full swatch chart/gallery.
Much like the other products by Revlon these little lip wonders come packaged complete 
with the quilted design on the plastic outer sleeves, it gives a slight high end feel.
Each shades packaging matches the shade inside, I do like a bit of colour coordination!
In my opinion the casing is pretty, practical and sturdy which is all I can ask for.

Revlon Sugar Frosting is one of those shades I knew I wouldn't like from the off set,
it is far too pale for me to wear alone and would best be used in my opinion over another shade.
Sugar Frosting is the palest of pink with a strong white undertone and has a frosty/shimmery finish.
On the lips it gives a white pink pearlescent finish - think mother of pearl and you'll get the idea.
In all honesty I don't find it all that flattering and fear the deeper your skin tone the worst it will look!
I struggled to get this to show up on my skin so there is no arm swatch for this shade...sorry.

The formula of these is something else, I had no idea I would enjoy wearing these quite as much as I do!
Generally speaking the shades are well pigmented and glide on very much like a traditional lip balm.
Yet they superior colour pay off in comparison to a standard tinted lip balm.
Each shade gives a semi-opaque coverage of colour with a light glossy finish,
they are very moisturising and comfortable to wear.
I liken these a little to Mac Cremesheen lipsticks as they feel and wear very similar on my lips,
obviously each one of us will have different results but this is what they remind me of.
The Revlon Lip Butters have a very mild typical lipstick scent but nothing noticeable when worn.
I found these to wear around 2-3 hours some shades wore longer than others
but they are not exactly long lasting.
Overall I am very impressed with these lipstick/lip balm hybrids!

Product Summary
Round Up - A great combination of lipstick and lip balm that gives the best of both worlds.
Best For - Fans of tinted lip balms or light moisturising lip coverage!
Pigmentation - Generally 7/10 but really great for what it is.
Availability - These hit the UK mid March, available via Boots 
£7.99 each or 3 for 2 - link
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  1. Okay, I am craving iced doughnuts with sprinkles of hundreds and thousands! I don't think Greggs are open though. :) Lovley post! x

  2. I bought 3 online after trying Boots in Buchanan Galleries ...who had none :(. Thanks for the tip :)

  3. I love your lipstick and lip balm reviews but all your background pictures are making me hungry hhaha :)

  4. Lovely shade - can't wait to try it! Loving the doughnuts as well mmmmm :)

  5. Finally saw the range today and to be honest I wasn't really blown away by any of the colours :( x

  6. ahh you're tempting me with all these reviews on these lip butters! im not a big fan of glossy textures on my lips but i might just have to go and get meself one of these tehehehe!

  7. Yay thank you for the tip that there is stock in Sauchihall street :) my local boots have none so atleast if I make the trip i'm guarenteed to get my hands on one! This is such a lovely colour, all your reviews have made me excited to get my hands on one :) xxxx

  8. Not my favourite shade but I love the sound of the formulation! X

  9. I got Raspberry Pie today & also Cupcake as I had to make up my 3 for 2 at Boots & couldn't decide what else to get - Cupcake is OK but Raspberry Pie is amazing, so pigmented and has lasted for ages on my lips. This one looks really pretty in the tube but does look very pale on the lips though, as you say I can imagine most people would struggle to pull it off.

  10. What skintone do you think this would be flattering on? Do you think? xD It doesn't seem easy to work with at all!

  11. Love this shade!! <3

    Katt xo

  12. seeing all your reviews of these is making me so jealous! I've got a wee list of the shades I want to buy and went into dundee boots and superdrug and they don't have any :( x


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