I will admit that I am fairly lucky to be blessed with naturally full lips that are even in shape.
I know that my lips are not something to take for granted and with age they will thin out 
with this in mind I have began trailing Molton Brown Pep-Rich Lip Booster.

Molton Brown Pep-Rich Lip Booster is packaged in a pen light applicator that is very chic
with its silver chrome packaging - what else do you expect from Molton Brown other than classy?
The pen applicator features a twist up function that allows you to control how much product you dispense,
it also has a brush head resulting in the product being really easy to apply - fuss free with no mess!

Molton Brown Pep-Rich Lip Booster is enriched with African Mango and Papaya extracts 
combine that with collagen boosting peptides and you have a formula that helps to promote fuller lips 
with enhanced contours and fine lines minimised.
Not only does it boost and prevent ageing but it also soften, protects, exfoliates and smooths,
while adding a light glossy finish...pretty much a wonder product huh?

Now i'm not looking for fuller lips but it is so hard to find anything that prevents fine lines for the lip area,
I found the formula to glide on with such ease and although it claims to plump I noticed no 
burning or stinging like normally lip plumpers have done in the past!
Rather it soothed and hydrated my lips and made a great base to slick a glossy lipstick on top off.
Molton Brown Pep-Rich Lip Booster is scent and colour free so as mentioned you can easily 
apply a lip product over the top or wear alone for a light glossy finish.
After a week of using I have noticed my lips to be less cracked, hydrated and soft,
the anti ageing for me is more a preventative rather than a cure 
but as it did everything else it claimed to so well I have every faith that the anti-ageing element 
will fare just as well!

Do you worry about your lips shrinking when you get older?
Have you started to prevent this yet?

Molton Brown Pep-Rich Lip Booster (S) 3.5ml/£30 - link