I have a few GHD hair care products to share but I'm going to keep each review short and sweet,
no-one really needs a 600 word essay on a hair care product!
When it comes down to it we all really want to know two things:
A, What does it claim to do?
B, Does it live up to such claims?

As with all the GHD styling products GHD Smooth and Finish Serum comes sleekly presented with a practical pump function that makes dispensing the product easy, fuss free and pretty much mess free.
The serum is light and silky almost like a gel and has a light fresh scent that is very pleasant.
The product claims to help eliminate frizz and temporarily smooth down split ends.

You can apply this to either wet or dry hair depending on what you want it to do.
I have really thick and now past my shoulders in length hair so I require two pumps of product 
when using in damp hair to blow dry straight which helps keep my hair frizz free
and straighter for longer with a glossy finish as well as sealing the ends of my hair so the ends appear
repaired - great for in-between trims etc.
You can also use this on dry hair to slick down static or to help tame frizzy hair and add a glossy finish.
Not only do both methods fight the frizz but I have found it to add a little moisture to the hair,
GHD Smooth and Finish Serum is not at all sticky nor does it weigh down the hair.

Below I have attached a video with some of the GHD products I have featured in action during LFW!

GHD Smooth and Finish Serum (S) £14.95/30ml - link