Mexico is the one place well aside from Cuba that my little heart wishes it could visit,
hopefully in 2013 if all goes to plan I shall finally get to spend two lovely weeks in Mexico
but as that is a long way off I shall have to put up with a polish in it's name sake!

Mavala Cancun is a light shimmery peach shade that has a strong yellow undertone,
it reminds me a little of shimmering sand and is very much a summer shade!
As this is a shimmer/frost shade it is not the most opaque and will require several coats to gain full coverage
but each coat does dry quickly and evenly, you can also use this over a deeper shade. 

As always this bottle of Mavala polish is 5ml - great size for travel or for those like myself who never
manage to finish a full bottle of polish!
The Mavala formula is free of parabens, formaldeydes, tolune, camphore, cellophane, animal products
and heavy metal (the substance not the music haha), 
the unique formula also allows the nail bed to breathe as it delivers unique microscopic air pockets.

Mavala Cancun £4.30/5ml is available from John Lewis and Debenhams stores.