The month of March saw what felt like a gazillion MAC releases,
obviously the Shop/Cook Collection was the sell out collection as expected
closely followed by the newest Viva Glam but as I had them a little earlier than the launch,
I was more interested in the Pearlmatte face powders particularly the Sunday Afternoon variation.
It would have been a cardinal sin had I not purchased the Sunday namesake wouldn't it?

Sunday Afternoon is consisted of three shades - two matte and one shimmer/frost
with a little touch of silver over spray here and there to divide the shades.
As always this comes presented in typical MAC fashion - a sleek black compact
that is sturdy but fairly easy to depot the product should you so wish.

Normally I would flap on about how you can use the shades individually or swirl together
but in this case that is not really realistic, you may be able to use the bright matte pink by itself
but the other two segments are too small to utilize alone.
The colour scheme is very much pink and cool toned at that,
the main segment is easily duplicable and I would bet money on most having a similar shade in your stash!

The MAC Vera Pearmatte Face Powders look very much like blushes in pan form
however when applied/swatched they are very sheer and shimmery in formula.
They are very much alike to the MAC Beauty Powder - sheer and slightly shimmery.
For me the pigmentation is too poor to warrant use a blush and find them best suited as a highlight.
You could also use this as an all over radiance powder to add a glow to dull skin?
That being said there is a hint of colour there so if you have really fair skin or prefer sheer blushes
these may be a formula worth investigating as they do feel light on the skin
and although they are shimmery they do not highlight flaws.
These wear quite well and lasted around 7 maybe slightly more hours on my skin.

Product Summary
Round Up - A light shimmery sheer powder that can be used as light hint of colour or as a highlight.
Best For - Delivering a sheer flush of colour on med/dark skin shades this will be a highlight.
Pigmentation - (4/10) There isn't really much pigmentation to speak of.
Availability - Limited Edition 12g/£21.50 MAC Counters and via their website - link