I'm sure most are aware of Revlon Lip Butters by now?
Well in a matter of days the will launch in the UK...the 12th of March if I am not mistaken?
Sadly the UK will only be receiving 14 of the 20 shades that are available in the US/Canada
which I am a little annoyed about as I always feel like the UK gets the short end of the stick
when it comes to shade ranges and I am not specifically targeting Revlon for this 
as a good few brands are just as guilty!
I thought I'd share the shades I have imported so you can have a better idea of the shades
before you purchase any later on this month.

Much like the other products by Revlon these little lip wonders come packaged complete 
with the quilted design on the plastic outer sleeves, it gives a slight high end feel.
Each shades packaging matches the shade inside, I do like a bit of colour coordination!
In my opinion the casing is pretty, practical and sturdy which is all I can ask for.

Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake is a sugary sweet shade as the name may suggest.
To me it is a pale blue toned bubblegum pink which is cool in tone.
The pigmentation of this shade is not as great as some of the other shade variations
and those with highly pigmented lips may struggle with gaining decent colour pay off.
I feel this shade may be best layered over another shade rather than worn alone.

The formula of these is something else, I had no idea I would enjoy wearing these quite as much as I do!
Generally speaking the shades are well pigmented and glide on very much like a traditional lip balm.
Yet they superior colour pay off in comparison to a standard tinted lip balm.
Each shade gives a semi-opaque coverage of colour with a light glossy finish,
they are very moisturising and comfortable to wear.
I liken these a little to Mac Cremesheen lipsticks as they feel and wear very similar on my lips,
obviously each one of us will have different results but this is what they remind me of.
The Revlon Lip Butters have a very mild typical lipstick scent but nothing noticeable when worn.
I found these to wear around 2-3 hours some shades wore longer than others
but they are not exactly long lasting.
Overall I am very impressed with these lipstick/lip balm hybrids!

Product Summary
Round Up - A great combination of lipstick and lip balm that gives the best of both worlds.
Best For - Fans of tinted lip balms or light moisturising lip coverage!
Pigmentation - Generally 7/10 but really great for what it is.
Availability - These hit the UK mid March (12th I think?) I have no idea how much these will retail for.