"Did you know that Dr Linda Papadopoulos has a skin care range?
Me neither! I have seen her on lots of shows as a TV Doctor but no idea she had a skin care range,
I guess I must be out of the loop?
Today I have two sample size products to share with you all,

"This gentle foaming gel face wash is a great way to start your routine. 
Skin is left feeling soft and clean but not stripped and dehydrated. 
Contains Biolin, a Pro-biotic that works with your skin's own flora 
and fauna to help promote natural skin balance for a fresh, clearer and more even skin tone.
This unique formulation includes premium ingredients that you would usually find in anti-ageing day creams, 
such as Hexapeptide 11, to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Beautifully fragranced with uplifting heady orange blossom."

In all honesty I was not overly keen on the scent of either products in this range,
I found them to be a little too heavy and not really to my taste but as long as the scent doesn't affect me using
the product (i.e senstive skin/break outs) which it didn't I will happily carry on using/testing the product.
Scent aside the gel face wash has a lovely thick consistency resulting in 
you only requiring a small amount each application.
The gel face wash foams up beautifully and removes every scrap of make-up - I didn't test on my eye area.
After rising my skin did not feel tight nor did it feel stripped of it's natural oils, 
rather it felt soft and well cleansed.
If the scent had been less dominant I would consider buying the full size as it is a great cleanser
and one worth testing if you are a fan of gel based products.

Sorry for the stock photo but it is the only way I can show you what the full size product looks like!

"Dr. Linda calls this her first aid kit in a bottle! 
This uplifting facial water can be used after cleansing to balance and tone your skin. 
Alternatively you can spritz directly onto the face throughout the day for an instant, 
boosting pick me up – for both you and your skin.
Contains Aloe Vera & Hibiscus Extract to help soothe and calm the skin and Colloid PMG -WP,
a source of hydrolysed wheat protein and 24 carat colloidal gold, to help fight the ageing process.
Fragranced with gorgeous heady orange blossom."

Again I really dislike the scent but hey ho!
At first I thought this was a product similar to Mac Fix+ Spray and I guess it can be used in a similar manner
but the may difference is that you can not only use this to refresh your face throughout the day 
you can also use it as a toner to ensure every scrap off make-up/dirt is removed after cleansing.
As a toner I didn't really rate it mainly because I am stuck in my ways when it comes to toning products
but as a refreshing spray it is great and will be so handy when the warmer weather finally arrives!
I have been using this the last few days to cool down my puffy face after surgery 
and I have say I really enjoy the instant cooling sensation that it gives and that it can be used over make-up!
Oh and on the plus side the scent doesn't linger once you've sprayed it on nor is it sticky!

Have you tried anything from the LP Skin Range?
You can purchase the full size items from the LP Skin Range from www.kmiclub.com