John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam

At the moment I'm on a quest for big bouncy voluminous hair
and today I have a product to share that not only creates volume with natural movement
but a product that protects against high heat damage!
The product is question is John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam.
As with the other Full Repair products this contains Inca Inchi oil which is rich in Omega-3,
the gentle foam gives volume but protects the hair against any heat you may use to create such style.
Again this comes packaged in a deep red bottle and has the now familiar Full Repair scent,
I did liken it a little to Hugo Deep Red but have now decided it smells more like
Britney Spears Fantasy perfume!

John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam
John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam

Unlike the previous root lift foams I have tested and shared with you all 
you do not have to style the hair to achieve volume.
I applied to my roots (wet hair), keep in mind a little goes a long way 
so use less as you can always add more
and fully made sure that the product had absorbed into my roots before tipping my head upside down
blasting with the hair dryer all the while raking with my fingers to tease some volume.
The end result was lots of volume but in a natural style that suits my style.
You can of course use this with a round brush and pull the roots out to create more volume.

John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam
John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam

What I like about this product aside from the ease of use and scent 
is that once applied and the hair is dry the product is undetectable both in sight and sensation.
As I have either mentioned I hate my hair feeling bogged down by product
and do not like being able to feel the product in my hair when I touch it!
Luckily this is neither, once dried you will not be left with any sticky residue
just lots of volume that last the day...even in a windy wet city!

All John Frieda Full Repair products are suitable for colour and/or chemically treated hair.
John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam (S) - link £5.99/200ml