As I mentioned a few posts ago, I was recently invited along to my local Clinique counter
to be custom fit for a skin care routine and the best foundation for my skin type and tone.
I really enjoyed the whole experience as it took the guess work out of formulas 
and it was nice meeting a team that were not hell bent on selling me anything other than skin care education.

I was best matched to Clinique Even Better Foundation which is aimed at skin types two and three,
for reference I have skin type two which is combination/oily...not a surprise at all.
Clinique Even Better Foundation comes neatly presented in a flesh tone squeeze bottle 
in Cliniques simple yet effective packaging style.
The bottle is a squeeze type with a fine nozzle that allows you to control the amount you dispense,
I found the bottle to be very travel friendly as it is a light plastic with a secure lid.

Clinique Even Better Foundation has an SPF15 and is an oil free formula,
so it won't clog your pores and it does protect you a little against harmful sun rays.
Even Better aims to brighten the skin, even skin tone and a great option 
for those looking for an anti aging foundation.
Also it has been formulated to not only cover hyper pigmentation 
but also prevent against it happening again in the future!

As with all my foundation swatches I have used my mole as a reference point
so you can see how well it covers etc!

The coverage is moderate to full but I found it to fall in the moderate category unless built up,
which you can do with ease or fear of it caking on the skin etc.
On the skin it feels light and hydrating and covers without masking and is comfortable to wear.
It glides over the skin and hides minor imperfections such as small blemishes etc,
I also found it to not settle in my pores nor did it highlight the fact they are enlarged.
Personally I do not have uneven skin tone or hyper pigmentation 
but my skin is dull so the brightening factor spoke to me.
I found the foundation to perk up my skin without resorting to the typical shimmer/glitter particles.
In terms of wear worn alone this comfortably wore around 8 hours without fading
but with a primer and setting powder it wore a full 10 hours with potential to last longer.

A quick note on Clinique foundation shades...
they run dark and do oxidize a little in my opinion.
I was matched to shade Ivory 03 which is a first for me!
The shade is a tad too light initially but oxidizes quite quickly and matches well
so when considering this or any other Clinique foundation please bare this in mind!

Clinique Even Better Foundation (S) is available from Clinique counters and via their web page - link