I think we all need a mascara that lengths and defines what we already have,
sometimes we don't require full on drama but a product that enhances our natural lashes.
I call this type of mascara my errand mascara - one for when I'm doing nothing much
and just want to tint my naturally blonde eyelashes.

The Body Shop are not a brand that rely on funky packaging to sell a product.
They keep it simple and let the product inside do the talking and I appreciate that.
Define and Lengthen Mascara is presented in a grey tube with a chrome handle,
okay it doesn't look high end but it doesn't appear any worse than anything else on the high street!

Unlike some of the newer mascaras available this is has a natural fibre brush,
that is conical in shape - thinner at the tip, thicker at the root.
Don't get me wrong I have had some pleasant experiences with plastic moulded wands
but both I and my eyelashes prefer the natural fibre types as they work better 
with my fine and poker straight lashes.

Taking photos of my eyes without a tripod always results in me looking slightly crossed eyed!
As mentioned this is very much a natural effect mascara that does lengthen quite well
and does a great job of defining the eyelashes.
It is not the blackest of black mascaras available but give a subtle black tint to the eyelashes.
I found the Define and Lengthen Mascara to apply well, even when layered it doesn't clump
and it dries fairly quickly without smudging as it does so.
I have sensitive eyes and my eyes did not react at all to this.
When dry it is really comfortable to wear and doesn't flake throughout the day.
I achieved a full 10 hour day without any smudges or smears and found it easy to remove.

Product Summary
Round Up - A natural effect long wearing mascara.
Best For - Achieving subtle length and colour on the eyelashes.
Availability - The Body Shop Stores and via their web page - link , £10/10ml