I was sent a huge range of goodies to test from Apivita Natural Cosmetics
so much that I have had to split it into a few posts to not overwhelm.
Apivita have been around since 1979 and are Greece's first natural cosmetic company in Greece!
Random fact but Apivita means the life of the bee and derives from two Latin words.

All of Apivita products come very simply packaged and do have a slight ring of Pharmaceutical about it
which is most likely on purpose given both the creators are pharmacists. 
Packaging doesn't really fuss me one or the other as long as it does the job
which all the products more than do!
The Apivita range has a wide variety of products all of which are well priced
and come in a variety of sizes to suit budgets and requirements.

I want to quickly mention that I have not used these products for a prolonged period of time
as they are sample sizes but I have used each of the sample sizes until they were finished
which was around the week mark.

Apivita Shine and Revitalizing Shampoo with Citrus and Honey - link

This is actually one of the full size products I was sent and one I have some product left of.
The scent of this shampoo is beautiful, it is a bright sunny citrus smell that is perfect for dull mornings
as it will certainly perk up your morning shower!
Apivita Shine and Revitalizing Shampoo is thick and soaps really well which is fairly rare
for a paraben free product in my short experience of paraben free products.
This left my hair feeling squeaky clean and would be really good for those with product build up.
I felt this product really lived up to the revitalizing claim and my hair had a definite shine afterwards too!

Apivita Shine and Revitalizing Conditioner with Citrus and Honey - link

The sister product to the shampoo above and as with most sister products this shares the same scent.
I found the conditioner to be thick and creamy but not so much that it was a chore to dispense.
It applies easily and was instantly soaked up by my dry ends,
after rinsing my hair felt and looked softer with the damage being much less noticeable. 
A great partner product to the shampoo and the scent is simply divine 
and again lives up to the revitalizing claims!

Apivita Creamy Face and Eye Foam Cleanser with Olive and Lavender - link

I'll admit when I saw this contained Lavender my heart sank a little
as I truly hate the floral scent of that pesky lilac flower but surprisingly this smells nothing like Lavender
and has a lovely light and fresh scent that I rather enjoy!
My other admission is that I did not test this on my eye area, my eyes are too sensitive 
and it is the one beauty area I will not really mess around with various products on.
I did however use this as a daily facial cleanser and found that it easily removed all my facial make-up
with ease without stripping my skin of its natural oils and did not leave it feeling tight.
If I wasn't forever testing facial products I would indeed buy the full size as it is a lovely product.

I have another few Apivita products to share but what do you think so far?
I know my Greek readers rate Apivita highly and I can see why!