Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow Trio

It has been a while since I reviewed anything by wet 'n' wild
the main problem is the brand's availability in the U.K,
anything I have found by Wet 'n' Wild has been really old stock
and not worth purchasing so I lean heavily on eBay.
If you live in the U.K how do you source it?

Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow Trio
Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow Trio

As with all Wet 'n' Wild products the Spoiled Brat Trio comes packaged in a sturdy plastic case,
the lid is transparent so you can see which shades are inside, it comes with a sponge 
and brush applicators, as well as an application guide on the back of the compact.
Each shade is also labelled with it's intended use for ease of wear and use,
you of course can apply the shades where you see fit as it is only a guide after all!

Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow Trio
Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow Trio
Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow Trio

Spoiled Brat is an odd melange of shades and not necessarily a trio I would put together
let alone wear combined as I feel black, pink and silver is a little too much for one look.
Spoiled Brat has a brow bone shade - a true silver shade that is cool in tone and has a metallic finish,
a crease shade - matte black with tiny silver flecks of glitter, a good dupe for Mac Black Tied
and an eyelid shade which is a fuchsia pink that again is metallic in finish.

Wet 'n' Wild Spoiled Brat Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild palettes are a little hit and miss for me,
I find the shades to be either excellent or really poor in terms of colour pay off and formula.
The metallic shades (pink,silver) are often the best, they glide on with ease, provide high pigment
and wear well - typically around 6 hours.
Yet the matte or glitter shades (black) tend to be rather poorly pigmented and apply on the patchy side.
They don't fair as well in wear time either around 4 hours of wear before faltering.
Generally speaking for a budget brand the product is a good buy 
and a nice way to add a few new shades to your stash without breaking the bank!

Product Summary
Round Up - A pretty yet mix matched trio of eye shades in various formulas.
Best For - Experimenting with colour!
Pigmentation - (7/10) I have graded this on the whole, not for each individual shade.
Availability - As mentioned not readily available in the U.K so I use eBay - link