Nars Arabian Nights Trio Palette

I drooled over Nars Arabian Night palette for weeks before clicking the purchase button.
I had read a few negative reviews about the palette so I was apprehensive
but just look at those pretty purple shades dancing with glitter!
This was part of the Holiday collection for 2011 but my friend picked one up
at her local counter last week so there is still hope!

Nars Arabian Nights Trio Palette
Nars Arabian Nights Trio Palette
Nars Arabian Nights Trio Palette

Nars Arabian Night trio comes packaged in the typical black rubberised casing
and has a decent sized mirror housed inside the lid.
Aesthetically the packaging is pleasing - classic and sophisticated
but the rubber finish does attract grime and finger prints quite like no other.

Nars Arabian Nights Trio Palette
Nars Arabian Nights Trio Palette

The palette has two various shades of purples and a black type shade.
The first shade reminds me a little of Mac Beauty Marked but I would not out right call it a dupe,
I have nothing similar to the middle shade but it does have a ring of Cadbury's purple to it!
The end shade is a typical black shade with silver glitter and really easy to emulate
for instance Mac Black Tied is not worlds apart from this particular shade.

Nars Arabian Nights Trio Palette

Sadly the shades do not at all translate well from the pan to skin.
In pan form the shades look colourful but once swatched they become dominated by the black base
and there is not a massive distinction from shade to shade once applied.
Basically each shade translates to a black shade with some sort of colourful shimmer/glitter finish.
The glitter in each shade is not gritty but the pigmentation is lacking considering Nars does not come cheap!
I found the shades to be a little chalky and not at all what I had come to expect from Nars.
In terms of wear each shade wore around four hours without primer and six with so not wonderful yet again.

Unfortunately this palette is best admired and not actually bought nor used!

Product Summary
Round Up - A pretty set of shades that apply sub standard.
Best For  - I'm struggling to really see whom or what this palette is best suited to as it is pricey and fails to deliver.
Pigmentation - (4/10) Not great at all, rather poor by any standard let alone Nars!
Availability - Limited edition but may still be at some Nars counters, £33