I'm going to say something that will make many a beauty blogger shriek
but I simply do not get on with Moroccan oil in ermm... oil form!
That's right I don't like it - typing that makes me feel like I've committed a carnal sin.
I feel i'm justified in saying that it just didn't work for me,
my hair felt weighed down and every so slightly sticky
but I think the underlying cause may be the fact I have stopped using heat on my hair
and perhaps such product works best on damp hair when blowed dried?
Who knows all I know is it is not for me, different strokes for different folks and all
but I have found the perfect alternative that works for my hair type.

Say hello to my big blue friend!
Yes technically it is still part of the Moroccan oil family as it is an Argan oil enriched hair mask
but unlike the oil you rise this off afterwards resulting in weightless and non sticky hair.

Morrocan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is thick and luxurious and has a lovely light spa type scent.
It states that with continued use this hair treatment will hydrate and repair damaged hair
all the while restoring and revitalising the hair and its shine thus making it more manageable.
For reference I have really thick hair that is considered normal/healthy in type until you reach the ends.
My hair is no stranger to bleach and that of course damages the hair, hello dry brittle tips!
The pot I am reviewing is actually my second as I wanted to trial this well
and truly before providing any feedback.

I apply this twice a week - on a Monday and on a Thursday evening each week.
I like to space out the applications in order to gain full benefits but you can use this treatment
as often or not as you desire or require but it is fairly intense so I don't recommend daily use.
I wack it on damp hair and then wrap my hair in a towel and get on with my evening tasks
although the directions suggest leaving it on for up to 10minutes but the longer the better in my eyes!
I'm sure you are wondering how long the tub will last and how much do I use?
I use an egg sized doze (more than you really should) and one tub lasts me around two months.
After rinsing and leaving to dry my hair feels like silk, so soft and smooth
but not only does it feel better it looks much less damaged it counters any dryness and gives a lovely sheen.
The more frequently you use it the better the results, the dry ends have pretty much damaged
and my once dull hair has a lovely glossy shine and that is only using this treatment twice a week!

If like I you want the benefits of Morrocan oil but like I either don't get on with the oil factor
or simply don't like the sensation of oil (I know I'm not alone) this is one to try.
I would imagine it would also work wonderfully well as a partner to the oil formulation!

Availability - Hairtrade.com £30.45/250ml - link

The above product/s were sent for consideration of review.
I was not compensated in any shape or form.
All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest as always!