You asked to see more Accessorize beauty products 
and being the ever willing beauty blogger that I am
I have delivered, this time in the form of a pretty purple eyeshadow!
I really admire Accessorize for their packaging it's simple yet has a delicate feminine touch
with the glided butterflies and little golden accents...perfection!
If I was ever to release a cosmetic range this is the sort of design I'd sway towards.
Prettiness aside the plastic casing is protective to the product inside
and thanks to the clear lid you can easily view the shade inside...practical!

Ultra Violet is of course a bright purple shade which in pan form looks fairly average,
a bright purple tone with a hint of blue hardly ground breaking?
Well that is until you swatch it!
One swatched/applied it morphs into a beautiful duo chrome shade
in some lights it reflects more purple, in others blue but it also has a hint of pink!
Not bad for what initially looked average eh?

Unlike other budget eyeshadow's I have reviewed lateley (MUA etc)
this is hard in formula and to the touch.
The benefit of it being stiff in texture results in limited fall out of product, thus less waste.
Although it is dense, a high level pigmentation is still present
you just have to swatch/swipe at the product a little more than a softer formulated item.
This makes it a great choice for those with a heavy hand
as you are less likely to smash and destroy the product with too much pressure.

Like I mentioned this is a firm texture eyeshadow 
but if you can get past that it is highly pigmented,
blends well, doesn't cake nor does it feel heavy on the lids.
The shade shows true to tone after one swatch but you can build it up with worry of it caking etc.
Without primer the shadow lasted around 5 hours before creasing
but I do like to point out that I have oily skin 
and products never seem to last all that long without being set/primed.

Product Summary

Round Up - A firm texture bright true silver eyeshadow shade that applies well.
Best For - Texture wise those who battle with soft formulas, shade purple fans or those who are braver with colour than I.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Once applied the shade is really vibrant and it does not require a lot of work to get the shade to show it's full potential.
Availability - Superdrug - link  £4/2.5g