And we have reached the end of the Naturally collection,
like I so often do I have kept the best blush shade (in my opinion of course) until last!
Fresh Honey is listed as a "Warm Apricot" on the Mac Website so basically an orange toned peach.
I am a sucker for anything in this shade family so of course the colour speaks to me!
I did find this to swatch slightly more orange than peach and it is highly pigmented 
so if you are pale in tone or scared of anything bright approach with a light hand.
The shade runs slightly warm and as mentioned does lean more orange than peach.

The formula is soft and almost silken to the touch but is not overly powdery
nor does it show ashy or cakey when applied to the skin but gives a natural flushed effect that is matte.
The pigmentation is really good, applies with a decent colour pay off but is easy to blend to the desired
tone or effect the user may require with minimal effort.
As I mentioned these do not yield ashen/powdery so deep skin tones can build the shade up again with ease
without cause for concern.
I roughly get around six hours of wear from this formula, it is not particularly long lasting
on my skin type sadly.

Product Summary
Round Up - A smooth to the touch matte light orange blush.
Best For - Normal skin types will benefit best from this formula.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Applies really well.
Availability - Mac Counters and website for a limited time only - link