As promised here is the tutorial to how I edit my lip and other swatches.
I have done this tutorial on a free and basic editing programme -
as I know not everyone has access to the likes of photoshop etc.

Step 1 - I take a quick snap of my lip area, cheeks and chin included to some extent.

Step 2 - I upload my photo on to the editor and shrink by 75% this is not always necessary
and will depend on the size of photo your camera produces so you may have to play around or will be able
to completely skip this step.

Step 3 - I save the image and head over to the crop option.

Step 4 - I crop out the un-necessary skin so all I have is an image of my lips!

Pretty easy huh?
When taking a photos of my lips I use both hands to steady the camera, 
tilt my head slightly upwards not overly so - it should be comfortable
and lift the camera above my lips and tilt it downwards.
Admittedly it takes a good few snaps to get the one I'm happy with 
so practice yet again makes perfect.

For other swatches I swatch on the inside of my arm 
and follow the above steps.

Sorry i'm not the most insightful person but I tried haha!