Two words that always stop me in my tracks when buying skin care are "ultra" and "gentle",
"ultra" because it suggests the product is superior at such thing 
and why have less when you can have more!
"Gentle" as I have sensitive yet oily skin that has to be treated softly, softly, gently, gently
through fear of upsetting it and causing a break out to triumph all break outs!

L'Occitane Shea Ultra Gentle Moisturiser has been specially formulated for normal-dry skin types
to strengthen and protect delicate sensitive skins, it also contains 8% pure shea butter
is fragrance free, ultra-gentle, hypo-allergenic and cruelty free!

For ease of use this moisturiser comes packaged in a glass bottle with a pump function
as the moisturiser leans more to the liquid type category than cream variety this is rather beneficial
as it helps to dispense just the right amount of product and prevents waste and/or spillage.
Less is more with this liquid as it spreads with such ease
and one bottle would easily last me for around 3 months (estimated by past indications of course!).
I find the packaging to look and feel clean, sleek and sophisticated but it's the contents that count!

Now as mentioned this is targeted at normal to dry skin types and I of course have oily skin
but that did not hinder the use nor benefits of this product as it is super gentle and light.
It did not irritate my skin nor did it over hydrate but it delivered a light dose of moisture
that felt light on my skin and absorbed instantly.
I did not find L'Occitane Shea Ultra Gentle Moisturiser to add to what is already an oily/shiny complexion
nor did it leave behind a nasty residue like some heavy moisturisers.
After seven days of use replacing my daily facial moisturiser I can report that my skin is in fact
soft, supple and hydrated which is all I can ever expect from a moisturiser!

I would recommend this for anyone who only requires a light and gentle moisturiser,
I personally believe it to most beneficial for most skin types although dry skin may need a little extra
and find this is not as intense as they may need a facial moisturiser to be!

Availability - L'Occitane £24/50ml - link