Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil Review - Chaos

Most will be more familiar with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
as so many rave about their great base like qualities.
I have tried a few and was generally impressed by the formula
which lead me to trying NYX's Jumbo Lip Pencil's.
Today I have a bright pink named Chaos to share.

The packaging is pretty straight forward,
a black pencil like plastic tube that is easy to sharpen
yet solid enough to protect it's contents.
I like the fact that it is black as it makes it a little easier to differentiate
between the lip and eye version.

Chaos is bright blue toned fuchsia shade that runs slightly cool in tone.
If like I you find red's a little to bold I think shades such as Chaos
as it has a slight red ring in terms of colour would be a great alternative
and a brilliant way to add a pop of colour to your routine.
Chaos is some what similar to Mac Girl About Town
so if you are looking for a purse friendly version this could well be it!

You would be forgiven for assuming that these pencils would be similar
in constancy and texture to a lip liner but they are worlds apart.
NYX Jumbo Lipstick pencils are butter soft, they glide on without tugging
and deliver a high dose of pigmentation in one swipe.
The majority of shades do not have a matte finish rather a satin type result.
The beauty of such lip stick pencils is that they can line and fill the lips with colour
saving time and money on finding a perfectly matching lip liner.
The darker shades of the NYX Jumbo pencils do have a tendency to stain and feather
so obviously those last a little longer in terms of wear opposed to the lighter shades.
On average each shade wears comfortably around the 2-3 hour mark
so not the most long lasting of lip products out there but a good budget buy.

Product Summary
Round Up - A soft and comfortable to wear lip stick that is easy to apply.
Best For - It's multi tasking abilities (lipstick and lip liner)
Pigmentation - 8/10 - Shade Chaos, really pigmented and opaque.
Avaliability - Some BHS stores stock NYX, NYX UK website - link and Love Make-Up - link but love make-up do not have a great selection of shades. 

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  1. gosh it looks beautiful on you! crazy how glossy they are! might have to get onto these! xxx

  2. wow, this certainly adds a colour pop!!! xx

  3. This looks stunning on the lips, so glossy!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. oh my god, this is unreal! so so pretty. wish i hadn't bought girl about town now. going to BHS ASAP! xx

    1. you can never have too many pretty pink lipsticks :) I hope you can pick it up :) x

  5. That is such a pretty shade! Definitely one I want to add to my collection!

    1. thank you :) yes it is definitely a shade to add to the collection :) x

  6. Hi,
    I love your blog and have awarded you a Kerativ Blog award. To find out more click here:

  7. I'm sure every lip colour looks amazing on you <3 xxx

    1. haha I wish but thank you so much :) x

  8. BHS stock it?
    omg!! <3 need it

    1. some do :) I dunno if the one in town does I've never checked x

  9. Really lovely colour. Have to say upon immediately looking at the photo I though, "cool tone", thanks to your recent post!

  10. This color looks SPECTACULAR on you!!! I really really love this type of pink for you! So much! I wish they lasted a little longer. <3 Thanks for confirming that they aren't similar in texture to the eye liners! I've always put off buying these because of that fear.

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